A moose with its snow-covered nose very close to the camera. 'Älg' is a vital word in the Swedish glossary.
Älg = moose. Photo: Pontus Charleville/Folio/imagebank.sweden.se

Swedish glossary

Why not learn some basic Swedish words and phrases? This Swedish glossary is a start.

Learning Swedish

Swedish glossary: greetings and courtesies

God morgon! = Good morning

God natt! = Good night

Hej! = Hello
or Tjena! = Hi (informal)

Hej då! = Bye-bye

Hur mår du? = How are you? (neutral)
or Hur står det till? = How are you? (formal)
or Hur är läget? = What’s up? (informal)

Bara bra, tack. Och du? = I’m fine, thanks. And you?

Tack! = Thank you/Please (depending on the context)

Varsågod! = Here you go/Please/You’re welcome (depending on the context)

Talar du engelska? = Do you speak English?

Trevligt att träffas! = Pleased to meet you!

Ursäkta mig! = Excuse me

Ursäkta mig, var ligger toaletten? = Excuse me, where is the restroom/toilet?

A tray of cinnamon buns on display with a handwritten sign reading 'Kanelbulle 22' which is the name for cinnamon bun in Swedish and the price. 'Kanelbulle' is an important part of the Swedish glossary.
Kanelbulle = cinnamon bun. Photo: Björn Tesch/imagebank.sweden.se

Swedish glossary: food and drinks

bröd = bread

En dagens, tack! = Today’s special, please! (mostly lunch time)

en stor stark = a lager beer (literally: ‘a big strong’)

ett glas rött/vitt = a glass of red/white wine

fisk = fish

kaffe på maten = coffee after dinner (literally: ‘coffee on the food’)

knäckebröd = crispbread

kyckling = chicken

kött = meat

köttbullar och lingonsylt = meatballs and lingonberry jam

lättöl = low-alcohol beer (a maximum of 2.25% alcohol by volume, fairly common in Sweden)

mjölk = milk

ost = cheese

skaldjur = shellfish

smör = butter

vatten = water

vegetariskt = vegetarian

Swedish glossary: feelings

Förlåt! = I’m sorry/Forgive me!

Jag gillar dig. = I like you.

Jag hatar dig. = I hate you (use this one very cautiously, the phrase is particularly charged in Swedish).

Jag älskar dig. = I love you.

Jag är ledsen. = I’m sorry/I’m sad (depending on the context).

Swedish glossary: typically Swedish

fika = coffee break (including the socialising that goes with it)

glögg = Swedish version of mulled wine

lagom = just right; not too little, not too much

nja (nej + ja) = no and yes

ombudsman = ombudsman (!)

påtår = a refill of coffee (often included)

sambo = someone who lives together with his/her partner without being married (short for samboende)

smörgåsbord = smorgasbord

särbo = someone who is in a long-term relationship but does not live together with his/her partner

älg = moose (Eurasian elk)

Swedish glossary: numerals

noll = 0

ett = 1

två = 2

tre = 3

fyra = 4

fem = 5

sex = 6

sju = 7

åtta = 8

nio = 9

tio = 10