Moubarak: ‘Darfur United has moved to Sweden’

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Moubarak: ‘Darfur United has moved to Sweden’

An American charity came to the refugee camp in Chad. They told us: ‘We are going to try to win the World Cup for minorities in Sweden.’ We lost four out of four matches, conceded 61 goals, but we got to meet great people from all over the world.

It was dark when we sneaked out of the hotel. The last night of the tournament. We took a taxi, gave the driver all the money we had. Ten thousand Swedish crowns. We told him to drive us to the Migration Agency in Gävle. We thought that was the only office of the Migration Agency in Sweden, 390 kilometres from where we were.

Us players thought it was much better to flee by plane. Otherwise you have to pay a lot of money and walk too long, take risks across the Mediterranean.

We were lucky. We were notified that we could stay in Sweden a few days before Christmas Eve. Now we want to live in a house together, practise football, sleep and eat together. Life will be good.

So now Darfur United, the football team that was started in the refugee camp in Chad, has moved to Sweden, since we all fled to here.


Go to Sweden and migration to get the bigger picture and the historical perspective.

Last updated: 5 April 2017

Alexander Mahmoud


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