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National Day 2021 – celebrate with Sweden!

It’s easy to feel blue these days – on 6 June we want to add a splash of yellow. Let's celebrate the National Day of Sweden with music, dance, cooking and more!

Sweden.se's National Day celebration 2021 is packed with entertainment! Our show 'National Day 2021 – celebrate with Sweden!' will be broadcast live right here on this webpage, at 10:00 CEST and at 20:00 CEST. Check out the teaser and the programme, and read more about some of the highlights below.

The programme
– broadcast live at 10:00 and 20:00 CEST

00:00 below equals 10:00 and 20:00 CEST, respectively.

00:00 Introduction to the programme

00:01 Sketch by comedian Liam Kalevi who entertains us with his take on Swedes and our traditions

00:02 History lesson in 20 seconds: Why Swedes celebrate the National Day

00:02 Live music session with Léon

00:12 Greeting from Kalle Flodin, film photographer and YouTuber

00:14 Greeting from Charlotte Kalla, cross-country skier

00:15 National Day greeting by Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess and Her Family

00:16 Chef Camilla Hamid bakes a strawberry cake

00:22 National Day greeting by Sweden's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ann Linde

00:24 Léon returns for a final music performance

00:29 Greeting from Ruth Gullberg Isaksson, 5

00:29 Greeting from Erik Eken, sailor

00:31 Dance performance by Cullberg: ‘Cullberg working from home’

00:36 Greeting from Cycling Without Age, a Red Cross initiative

00:37 Greeting from Marcus Berg, football player

00:38 Live music session with indie band Amason

00:48 Chef Gustav Johansson makes a vegan ‘smörgåstårta’

00:52 Greeting from Sara Thunmarker Telde, journalist

00:53 Sketch by comedian Liam Kalevi

00:54 Greeting from Linda-Marie Nilsson, influencer

00:55 Greeting from Trapptoner, healthcare workers at a cardiology unit in Jönköping

00:60 Cookbook author Jessica Frej prepares potato salad and grilled salmon

01:02 Amason returns for a final music performance

01:06 Greeting from Ali Mirazimi, adjunct professor of clinical virologi at Karolinska Institutet

01:07 The Cantores Sofiae choir sings ‘En vänlig grönska’

01:10 Greeting from Nicole Kavander, podcaster and co-founder of All of us

01:11 Live music session with José González

01:21 Greeting from Emma Örtlund, actress

01:22 Greeting from Jon Henrik Fjällgren, artist and reindeer herder

01:23 Comedian Liam Kalevi returns and talks about Swedes’ relation to herring

01:24 ‘Edible Country’ – a meal on the west coast

01:25 José González returns for a final music performance

01:29 Greeting from Krakel and Linn, a deer and her best friend

01:30 Greeting from Jonas Holmberg, artistic director at Göteborg Film Festival

01:31 Jonna Sundling, cross-country skier

01:32 Swedish football fans sing the National Anthem of Sweden

01:33 The end

We'll go live here on 6 June – at 10:00 and 20:00 CEST! (Click to get a reminder!)


Singer-songwriter José González, one of Sweden’s biggest stars with a billion plus streams on Spotify, will perform for us from his summerhouse in Bohuslän on the Swedish west coast.  

We'll join Léon, an international music sensation with a truly unmistakeable voice, for a gig in a Stockholm studio with some serious ABBA heritage.

Amason, named best alternative pop act at the 2020 Swedish  Grammis music awards, will perform from the legendary Ingrid studio in Stockholm. 

Royalty and more

And there's lots more! Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess and Her Family will send a National Day greeting. Tiktok phenomenon and comedian Liam Kalevi digs deeper into why we actually celebrate our National Day. The Cullberg dance company shows us a different reality in 'Cullberg working from home'.

Food for a feast

As if that wasn't enough, choirs will make your eyes tear and chefs your mouth water. Speaking of which, here are some lovely recipes for your National Day meal.

A teaser for our National Day celebration – join the live broadcast on 6 June!

Why not warm up with this National Day playlist?