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Fashion as an experiment

Swedish fashion is still very much defined as functional, understated and homogenous in colour. But there are daredevil designers too.

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Ida Sjöstedt spring/summer 2019. Video: FF Channel

Fashion as an experiment

Swedish fashion is still very much defined as functional, understated and homogenous in colour. But there are daredevil designers too.

Brands that stand out

Our Legacy takes design classics such as the button-down shirt and the bomber jacket as their starting point to create something radically new. Results include terry T-shirts and a suede jacket–shirt hybrid, one of their best-known signature garments.

Swedish fashion’s enfant terrible Ann-Sofie Back is known for her avant-garde designs as well as clever communication strategies, often going against the traditional and conventional.

Acne Studios are first and foremost known for their jeans, but also for their artistic collaborations and works with other creative industries. Examples include a group of furniture inspired by the work of furniture designer Carl Malmsten and a collaboration with sculptor Peter Schlesinger, which resulted in both a book on Schlesinger’s ceramics and a collection of pyjamas designed from prints drawn by the sculptor himself.

Since 2001, Ida Sjöstedt has run her own fashion house. She is known for her lavishly romantic look and expert craftsmanship, which has secured her reputation as one of Sweden’s most interesting designers.

Hope explores ways of blurring the lines between their menswear and womenswear collections. Known for minimalist and almost utilitarian designs, the brand also produces the unisex collection ‘Changes’.

Designer Minna Palmqvist incorporates details of the female body into her fashion to investigate what it means to be a woman while also blurring the line between body and garment. Her work has been frequently publicised and awarded, both in Sweden and internationally.

Last updated: 18 January 2019

Philip Warkander &

Dr. Philip Warkander is Assistant Professor in Fashion Studies and Affiliated Researcher with the Centre for Retail Research at Lund University. He also works as a writer and consultant for magazines, newspapers and journals on fashion-related subjects.


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