Cosy Friday

Thank God it’s Friday! Time to relax by hanging out with your loved ones, enjoying a snack together.

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Kicking off the weekend

In the 1990s, the term fredagsmys, or ‘cosy Friday’, established itself in the Swedish consciousness. The expression stems from a long tradition of making the start of the weekend a bit special in combination with… a marketing campaign for crisps. Terminology aside, it is a much-needed way to mark the end of the working week and gear up for the weekend. It is a culinary semicolon.

Fredagsmys takes on different shapes depending on who it is for: a couple, a family with kids and friends will all have their own variation. A key ingredient, however, is easy meals for which everyone is the master chef. Finger food and snacks are preferred to cooking and cleaning a pile of dirty pots and pans. On a Wednesday evening the kids may sit in front of the computer while the parents are busying themselves in the kitchen, but on Friday it is all about time together. Many also associate fredagsmys with watching television.

Photo: Susanne Walström/

This text and recipe come from the Swedish Institute publication The Swedish Kitchen – from Fika to Cosy Friday. Order the printed publication from

Last updated: 8 May 2014

Liselotte Forslin, Rikard Lagerberg & Susanne Walström

Liselotte Forslin is a freelance food writer, food stylist and author of several cookbooks. ||| Rikard Lagerberg is a Swedish writer with roots in San Francisco, Stockholm and Sligo, who, after years of a typical Swedish diet, chose a vegetarian direction for himself in the 90s. ||| Susanne Walström is a photographer based in Sweden. Her personal documentary style has been applied to a multitude of subjects, including several books about food.