Booming Battlefield

From humble beginnings to multimillion success, DICE – the developer behind hugely successful Battlefield – is Sweden’s biggest gaming employer. Today’s DICE is about teamwork on a large scale.

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Screenshot from Battlefield 4‘s Siege of Shanghai.

Photo: Battlefield/EA

At the hub of gaming

Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE) is the game developer behind bestseller Battlefield, a series of online multiplayer first-person shooters (FPS). DICE was founded in 1992 by four guys in the town of Växjö in the south of Sweden.

The company first used a small student accommodation as its headquarters, and only Växjö University students were employed. The office then moved, first to Gothenburg, then to the Swedish capital of Stockholm, which has since become a global gaming hub. In 2004, DICE was acquired by gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA).

The DICE office

The DICE office with over 300 employees is situated in the middle of Stockholm. It’s an office housing ‘youth, hunger and passion for creating games… People come to DICE to change our industry and to make unique, addictive and innovative entertainment’, according to

And the company keeps looking for more people. For non-Swedes interested in working there, DICE has produced a special brochure about Sweden and what it’s like to work there.

‘The team should have fun’

Patrick Bach, executive producer for Battlefield, heads a large number of people working with the game and knows that the team is the key to success.

‘I need to make sure I have a good team, and I need to make sure everyone knows what the project is’, Bach says. ‘They should have the necessary information to do the work of their life, and they should have fun while doing that.’ (Source:

Already in November 2012, Battlefield 3 had sold 17 million copies worldwide and received a large number of awards, and in total the Battlefield series has more than 65 million players.

Last updated: 16 October 2014