Azad: ‘We all wake up under the same roof’

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Azad: ‘We all wake up under the same roof’

The war began. My wife and my kids left Aleppo early, but I stayed. I didn’t want to leave my clothing factory. I had 25 employees, and I felt a great responsibility to them.

I kept thinking that the war will end soon, but as time passed, it only got worse. I remember one day in the factory, when I was about to finish up a big order of traditional dresses, a bomb fell down just a few meters from me. I had to leave.

I was apart from my family for three years. We used to think that we had left it all: our apartment, our city, our food. But now, we all wake up under the same roof. Other refugees have suffered a worse fate.


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Last updated: 5 April 2017

Alexander Mahmoud