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This site has taken us nearly one year to design, build and fill with content.

We hope to provide you with the optimal viewing experience, with easy reading and navigation.

We’ve done our best to figure out who you are and what you want. A lot of stuff on this site is based on feedback on our older site.

Content-wise, Sweden.se is very much about raw facts about Sweden, from history and traditions to today’s culture and the latest Swedish innovations. We aim to present you the facts objectively, but with humour and interesting contexts.

We are quite proud of this new site, but it is a work in progress – and we always strive to improve. That’s why we want your continuous feedback. What’s awesome and what’s less awesome on this site? What would you like to see more or less of here? What’s missing? Give us your comments below (scroll down further) – in English, please.

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This website is your official source for facts about Sweden. It is publicly funded, with four organisations behind it: the Swedish Institute; the Swedish Government Offices, including the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications; Business Sweden; and VisitSweden.

The Swedish Institute has been entrusted with producing, developing, maintaining and operating facts.sweden.se.

Sweden is also present on Facebook  and Twitter, both as @swedense and @sweden.

Last updated: 25 February 2014



    - the background grayish blue colour seems a bit too dull for the present summer viewing even it’s a beta verion. guess it would not be as uplifting either when launching in the cold, dark autumn months…

    - the fonts on each column photo are not inspiring at all.

    - i won’t vote for the site title “facts.sweden.se”, even though it presents all raw facts about sweden primarily targeting to tourists and the world. a softer, warmer approach would do the trick better.

  2. Ange vilken upphovsrätt som gäller för texter och bilder. Helst bör ni använda CC-0 eller CC-BY.

    Länkarna vid bilder bör gå direkt till den bilden och inte till imagebank.sweden.se för att underlätta eftersökning.

  3. Hej!

    I think the background is nice and the content is interesting so far. I’d like to read more about Swedish music (e.g. Melodifestivalen, successes in Eurovision, etc.).

    Keep it up & have a nice day! :)

  4. Hej,

    Vilken fin sajt! Saknar information om det “svenska musikundret” som är helt unikt och enastående på alla sätt och vis. Kanske en egen sektion som berättar om inte bara svenska artister som ABBA utan även producenter, låtskrivare och musiker som har högt anseende runt om i världen.


  5. Hej! I think you made a great job improving the web. I really like the flat design
    I agree with the other comments:
    The background it too dark so the diferent sections can’t stand out .
    About the content, adding a music section would be very enriching.


  6. It really looks very nice and I don’t think that background is too dark.
    Background design is quite different from the other websites and I like that.
    This website is so enriched with different kinds of information about Sweden which can be useful to the people who are not familiar with Sweden and Swedish culture.

  7. The site repeatably crashes Safari on my iPad Mini, and my wife’s iPad 3rd Generation. The first page loads fine, but when any of the links to features are tapped, Safari will crash.

  8. I have enjoyed viewing so far, and like the layout and content very much. It seems a pity that it has to have such a dull title as ‘facts.sweden’ which could be a lot more positive e.g. ; ‘celebrate.sweden’ or if it is trying to draw in tourists as well as being self-promoting ‘go.sweden!’ maybe :)

  9. Hey,

    Looks great! User-friendly and easy-to-use. Wish we had a similar site in Canada – with lots of interesting info and a video about the Prime Minister washing his coffee cup :)
    A very useful tool for anyone interested in or planning a visit to Sweden.

  10. Thanks for your feedback, guys! Today is midsummer, so we won’t be doing to much on the site. Keep your thoughts and ideas coming and we’ll be back next week, all fresh and rested.

    Happy midsummer!

    /Inger – Sweden.se team

  11. Really interesting ! Reading it is enjoyable ,giving you a first taste of Sweden !!! The colour and the pictures are very beautiful and attractive !!!! Greetings

  12. I very much like the new site. Navigation is easy and content offers a foreign reader a lot of interesting information about Sweden. I will return until I’ve read everything!

    Thanks for your efforts.

  13. I like this site, but here need videos. I agree that Melodyfestivalen is Swedens strong side, and I would like to read the news about him. This would be nice. And if you could write ecological news. I like this site. Good luck for everybady. I love Sweden !!!!!!!! Loreen was great.

  14. One of the things that I like most about the site is the simplicity of the layout. The clean lines, the plain, easy to read (but attractive) typeface, and the pop of color on the main subject entry photo pages work very well for me. It’s not over-designed and I find that A) Scandinavian and B) refreshing. I would however welcome a few additional photos here and there, such as on the hiking story. The idea to include musical topics (and let’s not forget film!) is a great topic suggestion.

  15. Oh yes, from what I’ve seen so far it’s great! Just one small thing – from me and my west coast neighbors. In the crayfish section you’ve forgotten to mention that most of us prefer to eat crayfish from the sea; just a few words, ty!

  16. I surfed your website for the first time today and I liked it very much. It is user friendly and contains most of the facts that one needs to know about Sweden. I appreciate the links to other websites. The pictures are expressive and the colors are nice. Congratulations!

  17. As a Swedish-teacher abroad it always was a pity and something my students thought being quite strange that all the information at sweden.se only was in English – not in Swedish. Hope that this will be changed now and that I can recommend an official Swedish site in Swedish to my Swedish learning students.

    1. Hej Yvonne,
      Thanks for your comment. We’ve chosen to publish everything in English because we want to reach as many people as possible with our limited resources. With English being a world language, it’s the most logical choice. We do, however, have Swedish Institute colleagues who work actively with the Swedish language. They publish material about Sweden and the Swedish language in Swedish here: http://svenskaspraket.si.se/for-studerande/artiklar-om-sverige/. Hope this helps!
      /Emma, Sweden.se team

  18. I like this site. I am learning Swedish at the moment and it is nice to expand ones knowledge of the countries history. This has been an eye opener as USA doesn’t seem to thing Geography and history of other countries are important in schools anymore. Thankfully I went to school when it was and I have always wanted to learn more about the world.

  19. I like the site – you’ve done a good job of presenting facts in an entertaining way. How about a survival guide for foreigners traveling in Sweden – Many of my challenges revolved around driving – pumping fuel with a credit card at the pump – parking rules and using the parking “meters” (here in the states if you don’t put enough time on the meter you just put in more money for more time – In Sweden the ticket expires at a certain clock time so adding an hour means starting all over) – the speed monitoring cameras – Handicap parking – and my personal favorite – small country roads w/ M signs for meeting spots. Your highway system is great, but there is still a learning curve.

    1. Karen, thanks for great feedback and leads on how to cover Swedishness. Hopefully we’ll be able to convert your suggestions it into interesting features. Take care and keep your tips coming in!/ Newbie Patrick

  20. I really like the new design it seems like you can navigate more easily. Also will there still be a link to access Thelocal.se? Maybe your background picture can correspond what is happening during the different season’s or events for the individual month? Just a thought. Good luck.

  21. Nice site, looks good. One thing struck me: there is an article ‘http://facts.sweden.se/culture/10-swedish-myths-uncovered/’ Where the author mentions ten ‘myths’ about the Swedes, confirming nine of them. What do you mean by ‘uncovering’? All it says is ‘Yes we are aloof, Swedish women are (all?) beautiful, we spend lots of times in meetings, we’re green, our booze is expensive, it’s dark and cold, we all drive Volvos, it’s expensive here and we do pay high taxes. We just don’t kill ourselves as much as Dwight Eisenhower thought.’ OK. So much about ‘myths’. In the Netherlands we call that ‘facts’.

    1. Pieter, sorry for our late response to your comment – a good remark regarding in what ways the article deals with myths/fact about Sweden.
      Our use of ‘uncovered’ may be unfortunate. Our purpose was to address common conceptions of Sweden whether factual or not, unveiling what Sweden truly is through the eyes of an English expat. Your comment suggests that we’ve succeeded. Thanks once again for your feedback! /Patrick, part of the sweden.se team.

  22. In some posts, “semla..” and “swedish design” for instance, the headline text is illegible because the white font of the text merges with the background

    1. Maxim, we’ll have to look into that. Thanks for raising the issue. /Patrick

  23. I love the new layout, it flows easier and easy to follow. The background is nice and pleasing to the eyes, not too bright or dark. I love all the information you have and the variety of articles and information. I would love to see more for people who are interested in moving to Sweden and how and what the process is to move or visit there. Great Job!

  24. Hej! I am English and found your site because I was hoping to visit your country. I liked the site very much. It is clean and fresh and clear to navigate to different areas. The content is also very clear and is encouraging me even more to visit. I would like to know more as a visitor about parking a motorhome in areas of interest/ towns etc and about camping areas. I am sure you will add more information in time to come. well done and thank you.

  25. I don’t like the new layout, the old layout was much better, more user-friendly, simpler and easier to navigate.

    This is crowded, gloomy, information cannot be found easily.

  26. I don’t like the new layout, the old layout was much better, more user-friendly, simpler and easier to navigate.

    This is crowded, gloomy, information cannot be found easily

  27. I like the new layout. I want to subscript to get the new post from time to time. Can you advise how I can arrange (but not RSS/ RRS format). Tack så mycket.

    1. Hi Winnie, use facts.sweden.se/feed/ to grab our RSS-feed. After 4 November the feed will be at sweden.se/feed/. Hope this will help you! /Patrick, member of the Sweden.se team.

  28. It’s just lovely. Of course continue to improve but know this: I wish I was born in this remarkable country.

  29. Hejsan! Det skulle vara jättetrevligt om ni kunde översätta web sidan till spanska, kinesiska o alla andra viktiga språk.

    Förresten, i “Facts about Sweden” kartan visar inte Sverige… :)

  30. I’m glad to have found this site. One thing, though… the blue lettering on yellow background that was used on your intro page to the beta site makes my eyes swim. It really is a headache-inducing combination. And yes, I realize that these are the colors of the Swedish flag, but may I suggest you find other ways to use and pay homage to those colors. Thanks.

    1. Hi R!
      Thanks for spotting the faulty figures in the Andersson table. It’s that we’ve changed the content from the Swedbank table slightly, to make it more relevant in our context, but Swedbank is still the source for the figures. The numbers should now add up as well. :-)
      /Emma, sweden.se team

  31. I am trying to help my husband, a Swedish citizen, to access the website to register for the mobile units where he can renew his passport. The sites DO NOT WORK. We are UNABLE to access to register for an appointment at these mobile units. It is simply a mess, both the mobile system and the registration!

  32. I am trying to make a persuasive speech why we should visit Sweden. What we should see and why we should see it.
    For general information about Sweden, your website is good, but it doe’s not make people
    want to go there.

    1. Hi Eva and thanks for your time and comment. What is your point of view on how the site could be improved to meet the objective you put forward? Please give us some hints!/Patrick, member of the sweden.se team.

  33. I’m from Portugal and I love this website. It contains so much useful information for people who are considering moving to Sweden. If everything goes according to my plans I’ll be living there in 4 years (right after my college graduation) and this website will definitely help me a lot! Well done. Keep on the good job.

  34. Excellent design!!! Beautiful! However please avoid writing in white letters when the background color is light gray or any other pale color. That’s all!

  35. Fika borde ha sin egna rubrik under ‘culture’ eller ‘traditions’ (jag hittade den gömd under semlor…)
    Snygg, lätt-navigerad och informativ sida – kommer använda den ofta för att sprida lite Sverige fakta här i England där jag bor.

  36. the site is really nice and super easy to navigate. I will recommend it to other for sure :)
    Keep up the good work

  37. Congratulations ! Very nice website with a lot of interesting information, what helps me to explain people how it is to work worldwide for a Swedish company like Atlas Copco. But why do you not include Atlas Copco in the list of “10 Swedish companies shaping the world” ?

    1. Hi Kristian! Thanks for your kind words. Regarding Atlas Copco, the story you’re referring to is simply an editorial selection of big and small Swedish companies, where we thought there was an interesting story about global influence in some way. There are of course many such companies, but we’ve limited the list to ten companies to make it more appealing to the readers. You can, however, read about Atlas Copco here: http://sweden.se/business/csr-in-sweden/
      /Emma, sweden.se team

  38. Well done! Attractive site, nice, reserved, sense of humour; just what I like about Sweden! It must be difficult to “edit’ what should go in and what should be taken out, and size does matter. Keep up the good work.

  39. The new site looks great! I haven’t had a chance to dig deep into it yet, but I notice that the images seem to “flash” to dark on mouseover in Safari – do check it out!

  40. Sidan laddar lite för långsamt för min smak:

    Kan defintivt förbättras. Gillar färgerna, ger samma intryck som fotbollslandslaget även om jag tycker att den blå färgen kunde vart några nyanser ljusare.

    Gillar inte loggan. Flaggan tillsammans med den tråkiga fonten ger inget bra intryck. Mer och större! Tänk IKEA :D

    Annars är den jättefin och bra, väldigt positivt för mobilanvändare och artiklarna är vansinnigt bra. Jag som infödd svensk läser mer än gärna om Sverige på denna sida. Rolig, intressant och utbildande.

  41. Cool site!

    I do however have a few suggestions. Under the topic of family friendly Sweden you say: “#7 Free public bus rides with prams”, this might be true in Stockholm but not in Gothenburg this might be because the ticketing machines are placed at all doors instead of only at the front of the bus as with SL in Stockholm.

    Under the “8 REASONS WHY SWEDEN ROCKS”-topic there are a few “accent-symbols” used instead of apostrophes.

    And please put this form at the top of the comments section… lots of scrolling needed now.

  42. Great site!
    While most of the photos are Retina Screen friendly, please make some of the navigation elements, your main logo and some other random graphics ready for the high-density screen resolution as well.

  43. I have just sent another message about how much I love the site. It is content-rich, visually lovely and easy to navigate. I haven’t been through the whole site yet, but would it be possible to maybe include something about the language? History of, slang, pronunciation? Thank you!

  44. I really enjoy the site and content. It navigated well. Being of Swedish heritage, I enjoy the articles and can’t wait to visit.

  45. I got this when i shared it on Facebook. “The website studyinsweden.se is a comprehensive resource for information about Swedish higher education and scholarships.”

    Coul try to add a Open Graph Description thingy and it should take that one instead!

  46. Great job guys!
    You really missed out on mentioning how big Sweden are in music, and in culture overall. There is so much to write about within that subject. Sweden has for example, even if you might already know this, the largest amount of choir singers per capita in the whole world.
    Tell something about Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser, where a lot of Sweden’s great musicians have attended.

    Also consider making a page about the gaming-industry, since huge franchises such as Battlefield and Minecraft was created in Sweden. Don’t forget that we have some of the world’s best E-sport teams and players, and organize Dreamhack, the world’s largest LAN-party every year.

    Apart from that, the site was spot on.

    Keep up the good work!

  47. I think the website is just great! I think there should be more way to tell people how to go about learning Swedish abroad. The website maybe should offer weekly lessons. I believe that Swedish could become a global language if more people were able to study it. Also if students can to go to Sweden to only learn the language at the university or schools. Can you try to get more articles about Expats from the USA on how they ended up in Sweden. Tack så mycket.

  48. Sticket menyn buggar. Den hoppar lite upp och ned. Den verkar också göra så att man inte kan trycka högst upp på iPhone skärmen för att scrolla till toppen igen.

    Jag skulle också vilja att man fick en rubrik, som en bekräftelse när man valt någon av kategorierna (tex Culture, Nature osv) i menyn. Nu trodde jag att mitt meny val inte fungerat och gjorde det igen.

    Just nu förstärks det av att ni har puffen “We want your feedback” högst upp på alla dom sidorna. Därför börjar nu alla avsnitt likadant. Men jag tror att rubriken Tex “Culture” behövs ändå, det ger en bra återkoppling till användaren.
    Sen tror jag att “We want your feedback” skulle kunna vara mindre, typ ihopfälld, på kategorisidorna, dvs när man klickat på ett val i menyn.

    Jag surfar med iPhone iOS7.

  49. Hi!
    What an exciting project and site!
    I really like it – but I DO miss something…:
    1) … about Stockholm
    Not even in the texts about Sweden´s history Stockholm is mentioned. Nor Birka, Uppsala or Sigtuna when talking about Vikings and early Christians. These are places of big interest that you can easily visit – why not mention them?

    2) …about Stockholm as the Scandinavian economic hub.
    3) … a part about the great infrastructure; the trains, ports and airports are crucial for investments, trade and tourism. Shouldn’t they be mentioned?

  50. Hi!

    Neither IKEA, Spotify or Skype are swedish companies. They have swedish founders, but to say that they are swedish companies is simply incorrect.

  51. The website is fantastic! It’s so user-friendly and appealing. This site makes a wonderful face to your country for online visitors. The official site of Sweden has made my time doing research so much easier; I’m able to find the information I’m looking for and more!
    As a person who operates based on logic and fact, I love the statistics shown – undeniable proof! I enjoy the humor and can feel the joy when I’m reading each page.

    A couple months ago, I decided I was going to move to Europe. I began doing as much possible research online as I could, to figure out where on earth I wanted to live. I came across extensive country/government ranking documents, usually about 200+ pages long. I wanted to find the best country overall, and the best country to meet my individual needs and wants. Sweden surprised me, selling me on both. I always loved IKEA and H&M, and now it goes so much deeper than that! After I had decided on Sweden, I wanted to learn more about my future home. I saw this website and fell in love even more. I visit this website every few days, and today, I noticed that it was different. And I thought it was amazing before… look at it now!

    I’ve invited my family and friends with me to move to Sweden and start a family business. We’re in agreement that America is no longer the place to be, especially with the US government. I know that Sweden is the place where I’d fit in best and be happiest, and I know my folks would enjoy it here too. Go Sweden!

  52. This site has real potential to be something very good for Sweden. I like it! The content is interesting and the form i good. There is something I miss though… other languages, I don’t think the fact sheets are enough, the whole site should be in other languages. Keep up the good work!

  53. You should also warn people that Sweden is not what it was 20 years ago. You seem to be stuck in the past abit here and do not see the new Sweden and that is verry sad. You give this picture about Sweden but this Sweden dosent exist anymore. I highly recomend that you warn people about the worlds second largest rape statistic, all the muggs, violance and the risk tourists takes when they visit certain areas. You should also tell the tourists that it is verry hard to meet the warm, kind and friendly swedes and the fact that the most of the people they will meet is loud and aggressive Middle eastern and afrikan people.

    Sweden do not exist anymore. Please be honnest against yourself and tell all the tourists who dreams about a vacation in the friendliest country in the world that it dosent exist anymore. Thank you!

  54. the text on the header-section is sometimes hard to read because of the background image.
    suggestion: create the gray-background on it and test the whole site. takes less than 100 hrs.

  55. In the new layout, I only get to see the same old tabs or pages. It is difficult to identify where the new content is being added. It feels as if the site is static and no new content is being added. Like in the earlier site, there should be some way for viewers to see what the LATEST news/article/event/information about Sweden is and that should come out on top.

  56. Congratulations!, I’ve been a fan of Sweden and your website since 2006 and what I could notice since then is that you’re always on the top of national websites. Certainly this isn’t different, your website interface is sooooo minimalistic yet powerful, very user friendly and runs smoothly, it also looks really nice on my mobile devices. I really love this new version. Keep on the good work!.

  57. Since i was a child i was in Love with Sweden, now you justify that love in anyway every time :)
    The site is spectacular well-designed!!!I love the yellow-blue colors,like the colors of the flag so much!!! There is no other country making a site like this, once again Sweden rocks!!!
    Congratulations to everyone for this excellent result,keep on that great work!.

  58. this website is such a great source for information!! especially your food!! I’m from America and I needed information on food for my project and this was perfect!! Plus your layout is fantastic!

  59. On the page “quick facts”, rightmost column in the middle you state that “1 % of waste goes to a rubbish dump”, which could be interpreted as somewhat of a “Swenglish” expression. A better choice of words here would be “1 % of waste is landfilled”.

    Kind regards,

    Kajsa & Marcus

  60. Why is every person in the pictures whiter than snow? Sweden is a nation with people from every corner of the world, this publication should represent that.

  61. Wow, really nice work. Now I really wanna go to Sweden! You’ em got such an amazing country.

  62. I came a across your site while wandering the web looking for information about Sweden to create lesson plans for my Geography class. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. This site is a wonderful introduction to Sweden. It is clean, concise, aesthetically pleasing and very engaging. I can’t wait to share it with my teen-aged students. They are going to love it.

  63. quiero vivir en Suecia con mi esposa, aprender el idioma y servir a esta sociedad…

  64. Hey,

    This website is a fantastic development. I believe there should be a small extra emphasis on education and immigration.


  65. AMAZING Country, I just came back from visiting with my Husband and I am simple speechless of the beauty and the order there is, never imagined there would be such a wonderful place on earth. It was the Best anniversary vacation ever, and this website is like the icing on top of the cake that summons everything together. Beautifully done and nothing missing. You’ve done a superb job. I love the Web Page color, is a reflection of the flag and the richness of the country.

    You have all the reasons in the world to be the proudest people on Earth. I envy each one of the Swedish people for being so fortunate to have such an organized, thoughtful and caring Government and been blessed with such a magnificent nature scenery.

    Everyone I spoke with while we stayed there at a Friend’s house, had nothing but good things to say about the education, the transportation, the way of living and how they could all feel the Love from their government, making them feel valued and appreciated.

    I truly admire your culture and as far as my voice could reach, I will always be uplifting your country with everyone I get in touch with. Hope you could keep your country this way for EVER!. (specially with so many new immigrants with not as good manners or cultures as yours, wanting to infiltrate to take advantages of such a “virgin” and “goodwill’ country).

    Thanks for allowing me to visit your country, and I promise it will not be the last. THANKS! :-)

  66. I have an ancestor with the name Torreyson. I am told that she was of Swedish heritage. She was my great-grandmother. She came from the Maryland/Delaware region. I was just finding out about her country of origin and came to this website. Wonderful and so full of the kind of knowledge for which I have been hunting. Something funny? I am the only person I know who enjoys winter and the thirties and forties temperatures. I always say it’s because of my Swedish heritage. Thank you Sweden.

  67. I like this website. The layout, the colors an the content are nice. I just think it should there is something about sports in Sweden…by the way, I’m from Brazil.

  68. Hi, it’s looks very nice, I will come in Sweden in January and it helps me a lot with all the information. It will be nice if you can make a map , with the main atraction or thnigs to do in every city from Sweden, it’s just an idea.
    Good job !

  69. Hej may God bless the work done in this site it’s great, am planing to travel to Sweden and the site have guide me very well and the protocols to flow.

  70. Being a visually impaired designer, my interest lies in the accessibility of this site. Overall it meets some of the minimum requirements for online accessibility, which are centered around those with visual disabilities. I can access some of the information with my screen reader but there’s really not much of an experience to be gained from the synthetic computer voice.

    Those with audio impairments who try to watch the Swedish YouTube videos (which is an integral part of your web presence) will be either howling with laughter or deeply confused because the closed captioning is not anything close to what the audio is saying.

    There are no provisions for those with physical or cognitive impairments.

    In summary it is my opinion that the potential experience & accessibility of Sweden is not being leveraged the way it could be online.

    If anyone has an interest in accessible experiences that can be added to an existing site, turn on your sound and visit my “LinkedInteractive” profile:


    Chris Lona—CEO—CL Design

  71. Добрый вечер! Очень понравился ваш сайт. Интересные статьи о стране, о фауне и флоре. Было очень интересно, сайт красиво оформлен. Вся Швеция, как на ладони! Отличная работа дизайнеров и программистов.Спасибо с Кавказа!

  72. Really love the new site, full of colour and is full of great information. As someone who has recently moved to Sweden this has been a great resource to me. Great work and look forward to whatever changes are made in the future.

  73. i think the site is really good, the coulours are good, stay in the blue and yellow.
    Just i think talk aout the lakes in sweden( % ) and also if you could talk about Music and sports Ex : ABBA, SHM concerts. Bjorn Borg , and handball , football ( Zlatan )

    Really Great presentation !

  74. I really enjoy this website. I am learning Swedish and this is a great resource for cultural information. There is always something on here that I find interesting. I enjoying reading about Swedish cuisine and outdoor life. I’d like to see something about music in Swedish. There seems to be a lot on the internet of Swedish artists that sing in English. Visually, I really like the design. It is sleek, simple and easy to read. There are no distracting graphics, which is nice. I really enjoy this site to learn about Sweden. Hopefully one day I will have a chance to visit the country!

  75. Hej hej!
    l had been in Lund, Sweden as an international programme student. Now, l am checking out this website and l found it amazing! all these infotmations, tips, honest explanations are so helpful. lf l have an another chance to visit, believe me l can move out to Sweden without thinking any minute. Every topic that website mentioned are “must known”. But l had no idea when l was there and it didn’t feel bad about it. you just live in there, enjoy and learn. Every Swedes are so helpful and show you how to figure out your problems. This website’s honesty, the way of language, colours and visual backround is really successful. l am glad to find it out, tack så mycket!

  76. Translate the song… Oh and you people are lucky here in Florida our wildlife is a lot more dangerous

  77. I just love this website! It’s amazing! Nevertheless, I’d prefer more information about Swedish cuisine and more Swedish recipes ;)

  78. this wibsite is really good.and I have an idea what are you thinking about green colour if you don not mind to add to the wibsite
    thank you so much

  79. i have alot of thoughts about doing some special business in sweden and want serious person from sweden to begin business with each other

  80. Fantastic website! I absolutely love it. Clear and precise, with details and interesting facts from everyday life. Sweden I love you even more now:-)

  81. As a young American who’s grown dissatisfied with my country’s current path I found this site to be useful as I am looking for somewhere else to live my life. The site adequately gave me extremely useful information but I felt that was a little too biased as it spoke basically only of good things I personally wanted to know of the bad as well. Does Sweden’s numerous parties cause chaos and Government inaction? (Like Americas owns parties tend to do) Or is there a lot of friction between the various religious faiths? Overall a helpful site for a unique and grand country.

  82. I think that this is a truly wonderful site! I think that the choice of articles are great, informative and super fun to read. A wonderful initiative and I wish this type of website existed for every country! And…. this website sure makes me proud to be Swedish!!!!

  83. I agree with the last comment by “Louise”! I will have to bookmark this site to come back again and again to learn more about my heritage!

    I found this site by searching for the correct spelling of a dish my Mom used to make. She pronounced it “root moose”. It was a rolled pork roast boiled (simmered, actually!) with root vegetables such as turnips and rutabagas. I remember there being whole allspice in it too because she always warned us to be sure to watch for them to set aside and not bite into!

    I found others online searching for the real name of this and a recipe but it was meatless. (Perhaps my Mom just added that in?) I even used Google Translate to no avail. I would very much love to know the deal about this Swedish / Scandinavian food!

    In any case, I am going to try my hand at making this from memory (of eating, not making it) but in my crock pot this week! Wish me luck!!

    Thank you in advance! And thank you for this wonderful website!!

    1. Hi Pam! Sorry for the late reply, but I think the word you’re looking for is actually “fläsklägg och rotmos”, or possibly “fläskkorv och rotmos”. “Rotmos” is just the mash of root vegetables and is often served with boiled pork. Good luck with the cooking! /Emma

  84. Beautiful and very creative but I miss the aspect of the swedish language i intend to visit my friend Samuel in future and I wouldnt mind the basic phrases in the web. You are a beautiful people!

  85. Thank you for these site! I enjoy a lot reading all facts and details about this great country, I like coming back to this site to review another article.
    I have never been outside the americas but if I have once the oportunity to travel for sure my first choise will be Sweden. You have a really great country, always growing and improving and trying to make not only a better country but a better world.
    Talking about this site, I really like it the way it is, it has a pretty friendly desing and the articles are great, I really like the fact that the information is really up to date.
    I would like a section with virtual visits to important landmarks, something like street views on Goolgle maps.
    Thank you again for sharing all this!!

    1. Thanks Alberto!
      I’ll pass the virtual visit idea to the entire support team. Someday we might make it happen. / Patrick

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